To Adam about Adam: Where Science and Christianity Meet by Jim Frederick


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Modern scientific discoveries often challenge biblical teachings and the long-held beliefs of many Christians. To Adam about Adam is a serious yet lighthearted autobiography of the author, who has known Jesus since his childhood but drifted for many years while on his quest for science. Only while searching for answers to his son’s question about Creation did the author find his way back to the Word of God. Through his journey, the author was able to bring his passion for science and love for God together into a more holistic understanding of God’s plan for mankind. In a very personal way, he uses an open, bantering approach throughout the book to establish a friendly relationship with the reader. This personal relationship is used to guide the reader through a number of biblical stories to show how God acted as both a loving and caring Father and as a scientist in teaching mankind lessons related to overcoming sin. To Adam about Adam may improve the reader’s understanding of God’s plan for mankind and show how science is instrumental to that plan. For example, the author details how the fall of Adam and Eve was an important and preconceived part of God’s plan, not merely perfection gone awry. Science can explain the basis for the sin we see in the world today, whereas the Bible describes the only cure. Thus, the Bible and science are both integral to the fulfillment of God’s plan.

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