Kingdom Living Temple has an eight-fold ministry.


Evangelism for Life

The purpose of the ministry is to go out into the world, to spread the Gospel of Jesus and also to work with other faith organizations in order to share spiritual and religious truths to the beloved community and those who are not connected to organized bodies or do not consider themselves people of faith. We conduct our ministry through worship services, teachings, etc. and work to expand them to those in need, specifically, we are called to evangelize those who are sick, in nursing homes, prisons, shelters, and wherever those who are most in need or considered the least among us.

Learning for Life

The Learning for Life ministry encompasses our preaching and teaching ministries while we deliver weekly sermons, we also conduct workshops to help people with their everyday needs and challenges. Those needs and challenges can be personal, family, community, or related to their organization or businesses. Our biblical teaching is scripture-based and focuses on extending the Kingdom of God now so that individuals are enlightened and empowered to improve the quality of their life, their community, and their world. We do this in-person, online, or at the request of others in different locations.

Family Life

This ministry works with families collectively or with individuals that make up a family. This is delivered by our annual Woman’s Conference, online prayer sessions, monthly breakfast and lunch gatherings among request. We also work on empowering children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Healthy Living

This ministry educates people about improving their lifestyles, avoiding risky behavior, eating healthier, and addressing issues in the environment that may be harmful to individuals and communities. Part of our ministry includes The Whitney M. Slater Foundation, which works on all of these issues with a special emphasis on curing and addressing issues related to breast cancer.

Abundant Life

The Abundant Life ministry looks at financial and economic issues that challenge individuals, families, and communities. We look at ways to help individuals with financial management workshops, credit repair workshops, workshops. In short, we teach people how to enrich and empower themselves by increasing assets to build wealth. We encourage those with increased assets in wealth for the good of the community and not just for personal expenses and extravagant living, and over-consumption.

Global Life

Global life ministry helps us and others to spread our work beyond the United States, and helps us spread the Gospel to every living creature. We conduct our Global Life ministry in partnership with faith organizations such as Agricultural Missions, Inc., GreenFaith, and the United Nations NGO Branch (non-governmental organizations(. We work with our partners to help people have healthier, more environmentally friendly, and sustainable lives.

Market Life

This ministry provides products and services that can help people improve the quality of their lives, and/or have messaging that promotes their activities and spiritual values and beliefs. This ministry provides graphic arts, artwork, CDs, DVDs, books, apparel, and more.

It Ministry

The IT Ministry is the ministry we do over the internet. We do this through social media, webinars, and podcasts. We use these tools in order to enlighten, educate, and empower individuals, faith organization, community-based organizations, and communities.